About me

I arrived in London in October 2020, in search for a new life, a new path, in the middle of this new era. I lived 18 years in Barcelona before that, working as a costume designer/maker, a seamstress, a wardrobe assistant, a stylist, a prop maker, a set dresser, being on set (Costume, Art or Production department), in the Theatre, in a workshop or behind an office, living and thriving in an Art and Culture environnement, constantly adapting to creative challenges, multicultural and multilingual environments, always remaining calm and organised,  in a way that feels natural and organic to the team I work with. I support sustainability, diversity and accessibility for all, body types, skin colours, genders, cultures, beliefs, even when it means swimming against the stream. And in my previous life, I was a management, logistics and PR director in a prestigious place in Paris.

I am an artist, an artisan, a dreamer and a weirdo, in perpetual search for new inspiration, always learning and sharing. I believe in opening my mind to new people, new ideas, new skills, new materials, new techniques. I love that the world is as diverse and beautiful as it is, and it never stops to inspire me, from the passion felt in a rock concert to looking at a spider weaving its web on a flower. I experiment as much as I can with new and old techniques, to be as sustainable as I can. I advocate for what is called now “slow fashion”, the beauty and strength of a beautiful and comfortable garment made to be used for generations, may it be bespoke creation or upcycling and embellishment of a previously loved clothing, accessory or headpiece.

I am a self taught costume designer and maker, who grew up in a theatrical house, drawing and stitching from a very young age, inventing costumes and transforming patterns, painting posters and creating backdrops along with my parents, for the ATG Theatre Company, and I still work for them, as a professional artist.

When I arrived in Barcelona, in 2002, I chose to develop these skills learnt through experience with a number of marvellous courses with inspired and inspiring professionals who became friends, as Rosa Castells , learning Textile Art, dyeing, shibori, itajime, batik and painting ; Angel Amor, learning Millinery, Somebana, the art of creating a headpiece, a fascinator or a flower from the start ; Nina Pawlowski , in Escola Massana, learning traditional Millinery, blocks, molds and patterns ; Alassie for Costurero Real, learning historical corset making, bespoke corsetry and construction… I also took a Bespoke tailoring and professional sewing finishings course at the Catalan Fashion Institute of Barcelona . All those artists, creators, artisans, and more that I met and with whom I shared so much helped me go beyond my limits, experiment and grow. Thank you.