It’s a work in progress…

I have always loved to write, everyday of my life, what goes through my head, permanently full of inspiration, imagination without limits.

I was a very young reader, and literally “ate” thousands and thousands of books. I love all type of literature, by various and very different authors. Theatre plays, by Ionesco, Euripides, Molière, Shakespeare, Corneille, Commedia dell’Arte canvas… Poetry by Rimbaud and Verlaine. I collect books of wonderful writers from everywhere, like Tahar Ben Jelloun, Marie NDiaye, Andreï Makine, Daniel Pennac (i won’t list here all of them, do not want to bore you)… Thrillers and detective stories, written by authors from various countries, most of them British I must say 😉 … I also love to read illustrated book, “for children” and “for teenagers”, and i cannot count the number of “bandes dessinées” and comic books I dived in, by so many inspired illustrators.

My mind is always astonished by the strength and magic of words, more now than ever, as I speak, write and read in 3 languages, and can feel the differences between a word and its translation.

So I write, and I write, and I have a couple of book ideas in progress, one illustrated, that I hop to auto-edit soon.

Here is an extract from a novel I wrote, in French :

Un battement régulier, un souffle fort cingle l’air, tout proche d’elle. Elle croit voir des ailes gigantesques, d’un blanc intense. Des nausées la submergent et ses jambes lui font mal. Des contractions de plus en plus violentes font vibrer ses hanches, comme si elle donnait naissance à son propre être…

To be continued!