Other creations

For every body type, gender, skin colour, age, sensibility and disability.

The magic in designing and making a bespoke piece of clothing or an accessory, is that it can adapt to fit exactly your dreams, style, comfort.

I began to create bespoke clothing, being in an urgent need to find something adapted to my body type. And then, through chatting with friends and clients, I saw the need was enormous, the fashion industry offering a teeny tiny range, for a minority of people, those with a privileged fully functioning slender body type, binary gender and pale skin colour.

I also learned, working as a dressmaker and seamstress on film and commercial sets and photo shoots, making enormous alterations on clothing so that they would fit a super model, very tall and thin, or an actress, not that tall and very curvy, those people that we tend to compare ourselves to, that almost no-one fits this perfect case.

So anytime I can help someone find the perfect fit at last, trying on the finished creation, with glitter in the eyes and a wide smile on their face. It’s heaven. For them and for me.